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Last changed on 25 july 2016.

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This Privacy Policy is applicable to the processing of personal data of users of the sports community websites and apps of MYLAPS Experience Lab B.V.


The controller of the website ('Website') and associated mobile application ('App') of this sports community is MYLAPS Experience Lab B.V.:

Company MYLAPS Experience Lab B.V.
CEO Bas van Rens
Phone +31 (0)23 7600 161
Email info@MYLAPS Experience
Website www.MYLAPS Experience
Address Overschiestraat 65
  1062XD Amsterdam
Ch. of Comm. no. 58217053


MYLAPS Experience Lab respects the privacy of all users of its Website(s) and App(s) ('Users') and is responsible for the treatment with due care of the personal data provided by its Users. This Privacy Policy describes how MYLAPS Experience Lab processes which personal data of the Users of its Website(s) and App(s) and for what purposes.

By using the Website(s) and/or App(s) whether or not by creating a personal account suitable for use on the various sports communities of MYLAPS Experience Lab, or for third parties by MYLAPS Experience Lab, the User agrees to the following conditions which apply to its use.

Clause 1 - How collected

MYLAPS Experience Lab collects personal data of a User when he or she has provided these personal data to MYLAPS Experience Lab via the Website(s) and/or App(s), for instance by:

  1. A general visit to the Website(s);
  2. The use of the App(s);
  3. Contacting MYLAPS Experience Lab with a request for information about the services or products of MYLAPS Experience Lab;
  4. Registering for the digital newsletter of one or more sports communities;
  5. Placing an order in the shop on the Website(s), such as buying a product offered there by a third party or for a product or extension of services by MYLAPS Experience Lab;
  6. Using a personal account via the Website(s) and/or App(s);
  7. Participation in the Community via the Website(s) and/or App(s).

Clause 2 - Type of data

MYLAPS Experience Lab will collect the following (personal) details of the User by using the Website(s) and/or App(s):

  1. When a User visits the Website(s) or when using the App(s) the servers automatically save information such as the URL, IP address, browser type and language, date and time of the visit ('Visiting data);
  2. For an information request MYLAPS Experience Lab will process the contact details provided to this end by the User (such as name, address, telephone number and e-mail address);
  3. In order for a User to receive the digital newsletter, to use a personal account for products and services of MYLAPS Experience Lab, to place an order for products of MYLAPS Experience Lab (and not of a third party) or to contribute to the public forum ('Community') you must create a personal account, for which you:
    • are obliged to provide a user name, password and e-mail address;
    • may provide via the Website(s) and/or App(s) optionally your full name, photograph, domicile, date of birth, website, gender, reviews, blogs, details about your health, location, performance and other personal data (such as equipment, personal calendar, coach and accepted friends) in your account;
  4. Financial details and contact details of the respective User for processing a placed order or if a User subscribes to certain services.

Clause 3 - Processing purposes

MYLAPS Experience Lab processes these personal data for the purposes of providing its services for which the User has submitted the personal data to MYLAPS Experience Lab:

  1. If the User asks MYLAPS Experience Lab for information about services and products, MYLAPS Experience Lab will process the personal data provided to this end in order to comply with the request.
  2. If the User places an order for MYLAPS Experience Lab products, MYLAPS Experience Lab will use the necessary personal data in order to deal with that order.
  3. If the User has registered for the newsletter of one or more sports communities, MYLAPS Experience Lab will use the personal data to send the newsletter to the User.
  4. If the User uses a personal account via the Website(s) and/or App(s), MYLAPS Experience Lab will use the personal data to provide the services relating thereto, such as updating the personal account and making certain details available for inspection, such as training data and health data, to the personal coach and accepted friends of a User (provided explicit consent has been given for this).

Clause 4 - Other data processing

MYLAPS Experience Lab can also use the personal data provided to inform its Users of products and services and/or activities of MYLAPS Experience Lab which could be interesting for the respective User. If the User objects to this, he or she can contact MYLAPS Experience Lab via privacy@MYLAPS Experience

Clause 5 - Anonymous use for analysis

Furthermore, MYLAPS Experience Lab can use the Visiting data as well as other personal data of Users (in a form made anonymous) for (i) statistical analyses and reports of the visit, click and user behavior on its Website(s) en App(s) and (ii) analyzing and improving the use of the Website(s) and App(s).

Clause 6 - Cookies

MYLAPS Experience Lab uses cookies and other comparable techniques to amongst others analyze and improve the use of the Website(s) and App(s), for social media (such as Facebook and Twitter), to ensure that advertisements appear which are relevant to the User, for placing and dealing with an order and the use of a personal account.

MYLAPS Experience Lab does not have any access to or control over the cookies used by third-party advertisers. Only their privacy policy will be applicable then. You can read here (in English) how Google deals with these data (for Adsense, Adwords and Analytics) and you might want to adjust your settings.

Disabling cookies

If you want to disable cookies, you can do this via your browser. More detailed information about the management of cookies with specific web browsers can be found on the browsers of the respective websites.

Clause 7 - Transfer of data to third parties

MYLAPS Experience Lab shall not transfer the personal data of its Users to third parties without the consent of the respective User unless:

  1. data is passed on by MYLAPS Experience Lab to the processor engaged for the purposes listed under 3 - 5 in this Privacy Policy, with which processor MYLAPS Experience Lab has entered into an agreement aimed at the processor providing sufficient guarantees with regard to technical and organizational security measures with regard to the processing acts to be carried out; or
  2. pursuant to legal obligations or in an emergency MYLAPS Experience Lab is obliged to pass on personal data to competent authorities; or
  3. there will be a future reorganization at MYLAPS Experience Lab (in any way whatsoever) with the result that MYLAPS Experience Lab has to transfer personal data of a User to another organization

Clause 8 - Sharing with consent

Any information on the Website (including via the Community and App) is (partly) public and accessible worldwide. So this information can be viewed by other persons.

Determine yourself what you want and don't want to share

A personal account is suitable for use in the various sports communities of MYLAPS Experience Lab, or facilitated for third parties by MYLAPS Experience Lab. Users of a personal account themselves can indicate in their personal account if, and which, details provided will or will not be visible to others (such as their coach, accepted friends and/or other co-users) in the sports community used by them. As a standard the user name with photograph as well as the competition data are made visible to others but not the training data and the health measurements. The exception is that a coach and the accepted friends of a User indeed have access to these data.

Anyone who opts to share certain data, agrees that this information can be processed further in an unknown way by an unknown group of readers. In order to avoid any adverse effects of publication MYLAPS Experience Lab will remove (i.e. anonymise) any contributions in the Community in which identifiable information about third parties is published.

Link with third parties

If a User shares data collected via the Website(s) and App(s) of MYLAPS Experience Lab through applications of third parties, such as other platforms or apps, the processing of these data by these third parties is exclusively governed by the privacy policies of those third parties. This also includes, but is not limited to, public sharing via social media. Unfortunately MYLAPS Experience Lab has no influence on their data processing.

Clause 9 - Minors

The Website(s) and App(s) are not intended for use by minors (that is to say persons below the age of 16). In any event minors can only register as a Participant with the consent of their parents or guardian. In that case the parent or guardian can also always adjust or remove the data provided to MYLAPS Experience Lab.

Clause 10 - Rights of Users

Under the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act ('Wet bescherming persoonsgegevens') a User is entitled to access, adjust, add, remove and block his or her personal data. A User can view and update his or her details in the personal account. The User can also adjust in its personal account the privacy level of certain data as well as whether he or she wants to receive the newsletter of any sports community. If a User wants to exercise his or her rights in another manner, please send an e-mail to privacy@MYLAPS Experience with the respective request.

Clause 11 - Retention period

MYLAPS Experience Lab retains personal data up to one month after a User has terminated his or her personal account, unless pursuant to a statutory provision MYLAPS Experience Lab is obliged to retain personal data for a longer period. After this termination, a User can no longer use certain parts of the Website(s) and/or App(s).

Clause 12 - Security

MYLAPS Experience Lab has taken suitable technical and organizational measures to protect the personal data of its Users against loss or unlawful processing, such as (i) storage of those details in a secure database with encrypted back-ups, (ii) access to their own details via a personal account through a unique user name and password, as well as (iii) payment (instructions) to MYLAPS Experience Lab through an encryption protocol (SSL or TLS or similar).

Despite the fact that MYLAPS Experience Lab has taken and will take all possible security measures, risks are associated with the processing of personal data via the internet, which are (unfortunately) inherent to the use of the internet.

Clause 13 - Amendments

MYLAPS Experience Lab reserves the right to amend this Privacy Policy. Any amendment will be announced actively on the Website(s) and via the App(s). MYLAPS Experience Lab recommends the User to consult this Privacy Policy regularly in order to ascertain whether any amendments have been made. If after the amendment the User continues to use the Website(s) and/or the App(s), the amended Privacy Policy will be applicable to this use.

Clause 14 - Choice of law and forum

  1. 1. Dutch law exclusively applies to all legal relationships in which MYLAPS Experience Lab is a party, including this Privacy Policy, even if a contractual obligation is fully or partially executed abroad or if the party involved in the legal relationship is domiciled abroad. The applicability of the Vienna Sales Convention is excluded.
  2. 2. The parties will rely on the court only after they have done their utmost to settle any dispute in mutual consultation.
  3. 3. Any disputes that may arise in connection with the agreement entered into between the User and MYLAPS Experience Lab (including this Privacy Policy) or from further agreements that may result from it, will exclusively be settled by the competent court in Amsterdam.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints about this Privacy Policy: send an e-mail to